Monday, January 17, 2011

The ABCs of the Consequences of NOT Breastfeeding

Last week was our monthly La Leche League meeting, and we discussed the ABCs of breastfeeding. You can "like" the La Leche League of Canyon County, ID page on Facebook to see the ABCs that our group members came up with... they'll be posting one letter a day for the next few weeks.

I'm going to share with you the ABCs of the consequences of NOT breastfeeding, taken from my CLEC course. Everything listed here can happen to breastfed babies, but the risk is MUCH higher if the child is given artificial baby milk (formula) instead of being exclusively breastfed.

The benefits of breastfeeding are endless, but the risks of NOT breastfeeding are so much more important to take into consideration.

A- Asthma
B- Bronchitis
C- Celiac Disease
D- Diarrhea
E- Eating Disorders
F- Food Allergies
G- Gastro-intestinal issues
H- Hodgkin's Disease
I- Immune-regulatory diseases
J- Jaw development problems
K- Kidney transplant failure
L- Leukemia
M- Meningitis
N- Neurological Disorders
O- Otitis Media (middle ear infection)
P- Pneumonia
Q- Quantifiable IQ deficit
R- Respiratory problems
T- Tongue Thrusts
U- Ulcerative Colitis
V- Viral infections
W- Water intoxication
X- eXcessive weight gain
Y- Yucky diapers
Z- Zinc deficiency


  1. The only problem with C is that the majority of people I know with Celiac disease were breastfed. I only know of one formula fed kid with it.

  2. The list isn't things that only formula fed babies can get... it's things that formula fed babies have higher risks of getting. They take into account very large groups of babies, from several different studies, across the country and world.

  3. I would love to see the research sources for each of these.